Intracom Telecom

Point to Multipoint Carrier Grade

WiBAS™ offre soluzioni carrier grade Point to Multipoint dalle prestazioni altamente performanti, fornendo all’operatore molteplici soluzioni per scenari di vario genere.
Queste le principali caratteristiche:

  • Industry-leading throughputs up to 540 Mbit/s per sector (net).
  • Proven multi-service platform for packet-based and legacy services.
  • Full Outdoor Terminal Stations.
  • Power Over Ethernet.
  • Exceptional system performance, full QoS support and carrier-grade protection mechanisms that ensure continuous, robust services to end users.
  • Full range of compact, energy-efficient and lightweight outdoor units with integrated high-gain antennas (developed in house) to facilitate and accelerate the installation at the Base Station and the Terminal Stations.
  • Flexible deployment and extended coverage scenarios with 2-way / 4-way splitters at the Base Station.

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