Airspan offers a wide variety of wireless broadband solutions to meet the needs of Internet Service Providers, Carriers and a number of vertical market segments including Smart Grids, Public Safety, Transportation and Oil & Gas.

Airspan has been at the forefront of developing new wireless standards. Furthermore, by creating in-house expertise in 4G, LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and VoIP, Airspan is able to exploit synergies and come up with innovative products and solutions that closely integrate these technologies in the most beneficial ways for customers.

The Air4Gp Freestyler is an extremely cost-optimized pico Base Station that supports either Advanced-LTE or WiMAX platforms for licensed and unlicensed bands.

The base station provides high-speed data and mobility, in order to meet the 4G demands of the broadband wireless access market. The system is designed in compliance with the 3GPP release 9 and WiMAX 802.16e specifications.

  • 4G Access
    Air4Gp Freestyler supports either 4G LTE or 4G WiMAX access allowing customers to run either platform, or both concurrently. Airspan’s LTE solution is compliant with the 3GPP standards and interoperable with commercial FDD & TDD UE devices. 4G WiMAX provides high speed broadband services at much higher capacity than is possible with 3G networks and allows for customized upload/download configuration, supporting upload-centric industrial applications such as CCTV camera surveillance. With Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, remote software upgrades from WiMAX to LTE are made quickly and easily.
  • High performance, small package.
    Air4Gp, as is the entire Air4G family, is an all-outdoor base station supporting both 3GPP LTE and IEEE mobile WiMAX platforms. The product is an all-in-one, all-outdoor solution mitigating additional housing and cooling costs associated with split architecture infrastructure. This design and its low power consumption significantly reduce operating and capital costs.
  • Network Management
    Air4Gp Freestyler is supported by Netspan, Airspan Network’s comprehensive network management tool. With Netspan, operators can manage the installation and commissioning of the products as well as their day-to-day efficient operation. The system allows for centralized and remote network configuration from the management system, simplifying the installation and management of each base station and user device.