The FluctuS is an Intelligent Sensor System solution for the creation and management of Wireless Sensor Networks.
FluctuS provides a fully engineered, open hardware and open software platform for the Internet of Things and Smart Cities applications.

FluctuS came as the result of a decade of Research and Development in Wireless technologies, carried out by Cubit (University of Pisa and Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio – Technological Park) and by the FluctuS project partners.FluctuS is a set of hardware modules that retrieve data from a variety of sensors (i.e. Methane, CO, NOX, SOX– Air quality, Air Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Video cameras, etc) and transmit them to a dedicated Cloud Platform by means of different technologies (UMTS/ GPRS/ WiFi/ Zigbee/ Bluetooth /Ethernet).

FluctuS ensures high performance in terms of stability of radio communications and interoperability.
The Cloud is totally customizable, according to the various monitoring and remote detection needs of Smart Cities and of any other specific Internet of Things application.