Ligowave guarantees very good performances for Point to Point solutions, Point Multipoint and WiFi.

Applied to Wisp, Carriers and System Integrator for private applications and SMB and public level Enterprise.

LigoDLB series
Devices from DLB  Ligowave’s series are a new generation of products dedicated for realizations of links point multipoint and backhaul low-cost
Flexibility of software allows to operate on modality access point or client.
Suitable for a wilde range of applications and in different markets like services supplier, video surveillance systems,  hotspot installation and so on.

APC series
This line of products of APC series includes a wide range of devices able to satisfy more demanding applications.
All products use frequencies of the unlicensed band 2,4  and 5 GHz.
Every series’s device was built  for specific scenery.  With the APC  Deliberant series can be realized connections short and medium-haul.

LigoPTP series
Ligo PTP series works on unlicensed frequencies  (5GHz) indicated for realization of point to point links at high capacity long distance and carrier grade.
Some scenery of applications are: IP/Cellular backhaul, Broadband access connectivity, Rural connectivity, Private networks, Security and surveillance.

Infinity series
Access point of Infinity series (NFT) offer high performances for realization of wireless network and hotspot. Are available solutions single and dual band.

Ligowave announces a new range of  accessories: : Outdoor cable (CAT5e Ethernet cable RJ-45 connector), PoE Converter, PoE Adapter, PoE Slitter .

Ligowave’s software are simple and clear. Are instruments that support many activities, from  the phase of feasibility of a connection, to its installation and management.
Software of network management for example, can support until thousand of knots and more networks can be maintained and monitorized by only server or on Cloud
Is available also a rich set of functionality in order to diagnose network problems with efficiency, automatically perform firmware updates, monitor the status of devices, get alerts alarms, gather statistics and many other things.