Selea designs and manufactures embedded IP devices, to satisfy vertical markets.

Although our main core business is the production of hardware, we also design software solutions.

The main focus of Selea concerns the traffic sector and in particular the production of cameras to read car plates (for access control and road/town security) and for containers and dangerous goods (ADR tables) reading.

Our products:

  • Car plates recognition cameras for access control: IP cameras with on-board OCR (ANPR cameras) for the car plate reading, access control systems, automated parking systems, private access protected by barriers (gates).
  • Car plates recognition cameras for traffic monitoring: IP cameras with on-board OCR for plates reading of vehicles (trucks, cars and motorcycles) for the realization of citizen access control systems, road safety, access control and ports and airports security.
  • Car plates recognition cameras for ILU-BIC containers codes: IP cameras with on-board OCR for containers code reading (ILU-BIC codes), ideal for access and products control systems in ports.
  • Car plates recognition cameras for Kemler-ONU ADR dangerous goods tables: IP cameras with OCR for contemporary reading of plates and tables of vehicles carrying dangerous goods (KEMLER-ONU codes): ideal for tracking of goods, road safety, ports and airports.
  • Special products: car plates reading solutions for road safety.
  • Software solutions: Solutions developed for the world of car plates reading, dangerous goods and containers reading, access control, video surveillance and analysis of city traffic.