Telcomms offers a wide range of Broadband Wireless Access solutions, which include network infrastructure (Base Stations, Point-to-Point links, IP devices), user terminals, management systems and access control, end-to-end services from design to implementation, to after-sales support.

Point to Point Solutions (5GHz e 2,4 GHz)
for applications such as backhauling access network (BWA), dedicated connectivity for small-medium enterprises (SME) linkages between various locations of government or large corporations (Loc Gov.; Enterprise).

Wireless Network on unlicensed frequences (Hyperlan and Wimax)
These solutions are used by Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) for provision of residential services and / or business areas,in Digital Divide or with limited availability and quality of coverage xDSL / fiber.

WiMax Fixed  5,4 GHz
WiMAX, as well as use within the licensed operators, offering great opportunities for vertical applications because of its high capacity, low per-bit cost, and Quality of Service (QoS), and security capabilities.